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Returns Policy: All Sales are Final!

Once a payment goes through, payment processing fees are non-refundable to Melt Shapewear and to the buyer. 


Melt Shapewear is not responsible in the unlikely event the customer damages their item(s). If your item arrives damaged, you have 24 hours to contact us from the time the USPS tracking shows the package is delivered. 

Melt Shapewear is not responsible for lost/ damaged packages. 

If your item does arrive damaged, contact us ASAP!


If the wrong item was shipped to you by mistake, email Melt Shapewear. Make sure you add a subject to your email, this helps us attend to your needs quicker, send proof of your order, and information, and a picture of the items that you received. We will make it right!

Package Sent Back? 

When filling out at check out you must include your FULL address, don't forget your house/apt/unit/etc.


Melt Shapewear is not responsible for insufficient addresses submitted by the consumer.

If the Address Mistake was made before a consumer receives their confirmation email they still have the opportunity to fix and correct their address by contacting Melt Shapewear. The Consumer has 24 hours to reach out, otherwise, there's no further action that can be done to resolve the issue. 

By placing an order with us, you agree to these terms & conditions.